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Your main focus when looking to hire.

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When looking to hire, it can be a draining task. With such a busy schedule, your are lucky to get a couple hours in the day or even in the week to post a job, look at resumes, and conduct interviews.

Sometime you are hiring reactively rather than proactively. You have wishful thinking that somehow you will get the magical employee to come into your business and be perfect.

CPG cis here to clarify things for you and make your life simple. Let us explain.

When hiring have three key pillars in mind; Career, People, Growth.

Why is that?


The key difference between someone looking for a career, and someone looking for a job is commitment. If a candidate is looking for a career, this means that they are looking to commit, and build themselves in an industry, field, or company. Who would you rather have in your business? There are cases where both can be beneficial, however in most cases with our hires, we take career over job any day.


You have to remember that you are dealing with people. They are not just a number. People need people. You have to remember its not just what the resume says. How does the candidate feel when they are with you? What are your candidates dreams, aspirations and goals? Don't be so formal and professions. Relax yourself, and relax your candidate and get to know them. The best teams are built on people who have incredible connection and rapport.


A company is in business to grow. however you have to also remember that an employee or even simply individuals perform at their best when they feel like they are growing and producing results. It is important to set your employees up for success. If they don't grow, you don't grow. There are many strategies, tactics and methods of building your business up for growth. Just remember take the people with you. As a unit, you all need to grow together. With this mindset, you gain employee loyalty, commitment and you gain their best foot forward.

These are the philosophies of CPG Incorporated. A staffing company and staffing agency in windsor, who focusses on full-time job placements. CPG will headhunt and find your company the person who is looking to grow your company and themselves.

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