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Our Story

Welcome to CPG Recruitment Inc.

Here we will share the story behind our brand and the journey that led us to becoming one of the best recruitment and staffing agencies in the country. Discover the passion, purpose, and values that drive us every day and the evolution, from the early days of brainstorming and planning to the launch of our recruitment and staffing service. Along the way, we'll share our successes, lessons learned, and provide you with insights into what makes us the best recruitment and staffing agency.

Windsor-Recruitment-Staffing-Agency-CPG-CPG Recruitment Franchise Owner Hiring Jobs Our Story Find Employees

CPG was founded by entrepreneur Christian Saab, who was tired of the

corporate world and was eager to build a recession-resistant and scalable business for himself. Saab discovered his passion for the recruiting world and went on to build CPG in Ontario, Canada.

After trying and testing its franchise model in 2022, the brand awarded and opened 5 locations in just 6 months of franchising.

Now, CPG has launched a turn-key franchise model that allows new franchisees to start a business in their local community and start making money from the jump. Recruiting services are a recession-proof, forever in-demand service, and there has never been more in demand following the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing labor shortages.

In the bustling city of Windsor Ontario, Christian Saab's journey unfolded with a pivotal decision that would reshape his career trajectory. Stepping away from his role as an engineer at Chrysler, Christian took a leap of faith and embarked on a new entrepreneurial venture. Inspired by a passion for cars and a desire for independence, he founded a mobile detailing service that quickly gained traction.

As Christian delved into the mobile detailing business, an unexpected revelation unfolded. A significant portion of his clientele consisted of fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. Engaging in conversations with these individuals revealed a recurring theme – their primary challenge wasn't the intricate details of their products or services; it was the human element, the people and employees driving their companies forward. In one way or another, people was the biggest issue. Can't find staff, can't keep staff, can't depend on people.

Christian's entrepreneurial instincts kicked into high gear. Recognizing the pervasive need for effective staffing solutions, he decided to channel his energy into addressing this universal business challenge. This realization marked the birth of CPG Recruitment, a recruitment and staffing agency designed to alleviate the headaches of business owners by providing them with top-tier talent.

Driven by firsthand experience and armed with insights gained from mobile detailing customers who were grappling with people-related challenges, Christian set out to build CPG Recruitment into a beacon of support for businesses seeking exceptional talent. The agency's mission became clear: to be the best recruitment and staffing agency and to be the solution to every company's most significant problem – finding and retaining the right people.

With CPG Recruitment, Christian Saab has not only built a bridge between businesses and skilled professionals but has also crafted a success story rooted in the understanding that sometimes, the most impactful ventures emerge from the very challenges that entrepreneurs encounter in their own journeys.

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