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An Effective Search Engine For Your Enterprise


Our Product And Service

* Managers shift their time from handholding and training, to completing their deliverables and tasks.

* Productivity increased across all departments and regions of your company.

* Quality defect rates decreased.

* 100% accountability across your company.

* Clear consistency with training instructions from one person to the next.

* Instant access to all activity and training records to meet


* ISO standards are met with automatic employee sign-off tracking.

What results will you see by using GoPack?

By Using GoPack

Mobile Accessibility  
Digital material that is always available to your employees to access themselves for answers they need to do their job.
Instantaneous Updates
Our online platform allows for updates to be published immediately to all necessary parties and organizations.
Increase Engagement 
Create effective and HD videos of your SOPs to capture the attention and interest of all your employees.
Real-Time Analytics  
Use the power of data to drive your business and learning experience by capturing employee learning activities.
Save the paper trail and filing costs by having all videos, PDFs and Images stored and tracked in your cloud. 
Allow your team leaders and supervisors to focus on delivering quality and running their organization.
Business Scalability  
Begin tracking your operations and increase duplication rate. Focus your company's energy on growth and scale.
Swift Onboard Training  
Decrease orientation training and have your new employees working  with the right resources readily available daily.
Clear Consistency  
Reduce operational errors by mobilizing all training and SOPs. Deliver the same message to all locations instantaneously.
1) 14 day free trial
2) Your starting monthly bill is $24.99 +Tax
3) GoPack starts you with a minimum of the following;

How it works

2 Admins: Controls for supervisors, managers and executives.

10 Users: Your staff, members and content viewers.

2 Kiosk Mode: Kiosk mode for devices used by multiple people.  

2GB of Storage: Data stored in your cloud space. 

Our service is month to month.
No commitments or contracts required.


Simple and easy to use GoPack Mobile App


Strategically install our optimal GoPack Kiosks


User friendly control panel for easy distribution