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Our Methodology

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Step 1: Identify your problem.

We work together to determine the exact talent that your business actually requires.

Step 2: Begin the recruitment process.

CPG facilitates the complete talent searching process. From the job posting, to conducting all interviews. 

Step 3: Meet your top candidates.

You only meet and interview the top qualified candidates CPG has filtered for your team. 

Step 4: The probation period.

You work with the desired candidate for a guaranty probation period, to make sure that they are a great fit.

Step 5: Problem solved.

Project is closed. Your company is only charged when your team is 100% confident with the new hire.


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Our Partners

Christian Saab
CPG Windsor, ON

CPG Owner Operator

Tea Malbasic
CPG London W., ON

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Celesta Hynes
CPG Edmonton, AB

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Natali Peters
CPG London E., ON

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Tom Roth
CPG Detroit, MI

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Shane Ico
CPG Halifax, NS

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