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Virtual Recruiting

Virtual recruiting has never been easier. For many companies, this process sits firmly alongside other strategies in their recruiting arsenal, not only for reaching remote candidates but also as a more convenient way of screening applicants before dishing out in-person interviews.

Some 70% of the companies say their recruiting and onboarding is at least half virtual, with 1 in 10 reporting that it is fully virtual. Virtual recruiting will continue to grow, as will the challenges it presents in affording candidates a close-up look at company culture and sustained in-person interaction for both the candidate and the company to determine fit. Top notch virtual recruiting experiences aim to convey company culture from the first moments a candidate discovers an open role with the organization.

Recruiters play a pivotal role in human capital management (HCM) or the practices and strategy your business uses to recruit, train and retain your workforce. HCM is a framework that aligns your workforce to your business needs. Virtual recruiting is playing a more significant role in HCM strategies, especially paired with remote working. No longer is your business limited to finding candidates in the geographic area of your offices or headquarters. Instead, you can think beyond geographic boundaries and recruit the best candidate for a position, no matter where he or she lives.

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