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The Use Of Social Media In Recruiting

Social media recruiting is the use of social media in the hiring process to recruit candidates through job postings, research, and networking. This provides an alternative path from traditional recruiting methods.


  1. Be specific in your needs and goals. Before you begin your social media recruitment strategy, you need to understand the purpose behind the strategy. Otherwise you will be unfocused which will waste time and money. Know what role and responsibilities you want to fill and how it meets your needs. Also engage in quantitative goals so you can evaluate the success of your strategy.

  2. Define your company brand. Your presence on social media will be greatly impacted by your company’s brand. Make sure you have a brand that has a positive reaction from your target audiences. Otherwise, a poorly defined brand will confuse or even upset potential candidates.

  3. Define your ideal candidate. Once you know what you are looking for, consider who meets your needs. Use this as a way to gauge candidates. Do not be upset if they don’t meet all your requirements. Your ideal candidate should act as a guide to your actual hire.

  4. Be targeted in your social media campaign. If you flood all social media outlets without considering the nature of what you are doing and where you are doing it, then you will get mixed results. You don’t want your campaign to become white noise, therefore, make sure your strategy picks social media sites that are relevant to your needs. Also make sure your content is equally appropriate.

  5. Evaluate. Constantly assess your social media recruiting strategy to see what is working and what is not. Develop a strategy that is focused yet flexible so that you can make changes when necessary.

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