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The Secret To Interviewing Candidates

Yes there is a trick or a secret to making your interviews extremely effective.

Let's get right to the point!

After going through the qualifications with the candidate, most interviewers stop there...


Get personal and have conversation with them. Do not be the interviewer talking to the interviewee. Become two people in the room getting to know each other. You will be surprised with what you might learn from the candidate.

Great conversation starters

1) Tell me about your family.

2) What do you like doing for fun?

3) What gets you excited?

4) What type of home, car, or toys do you want to have one day?

5) In highschool, what were you like?

Your Goal

These are just interesting questions that can open up deep and meaningful conversations.

What you are looking for is what motivates them. There will be many times when you learn that nothing motivates someone, and other times you will meet a very motivated candidate.

Qualifications are not everything. We believe that the person inside is what maters the most. In any industry or job, if your team is filled with people who have a plan, goal, motivation, and are working to grow and nurture their career, than your team will be the all-star team in your field.


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