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How Do Recruitment Firms Work?

In the corporate world, recruitment firms have been getting increasingly popular. Searching and hiring the ideal employee with the right skills has been getting more difficult. Traditionally, the role of hiring is the employer's responsibility.

Nowadays, more organizations and companies are relying on the network and expertise of a recruitment firm for filling company positions rather than depending on in-house human resource hiring. How do these recruitment firms work?

While services may vary slightly from one agency to the next, most recruiting companies use a similar process:


  • When your company has decided to work with a particular recruitment agency, you’ll first need to come to an agreement.


  • The agency’s goal is to gather as much information as possible so they can identify and attract the best possible candidates for the job. Typically, you’ll provide your agency with a clear job description, a list of requirements, a list of important skills and attributes, as well as any other key criteria.


  • The agency will then scour their own database and networks for qualified candidates and mobilize influencers to reach candidates within their own unique networks and circles. These recruiters can work swiftly, taking an average of six seconds to scan a resume.


  • The interview process is two-fold. First, the agency will arrange candidate interviews with their agency. This will allow the agency to get a better feel for the candidates and whether they might be good matches for your company (as well as good reflections of the agency).

Offer Extension and Negotiation

  • When you identify a candidate, you’d like to hire, the recruitment agency can work with you to handle offer and compensation negotiations with the candidate. By taking offer negotiations off your plate, the recruiting agency will save you time and ensure the candidate has a primary point-of-contact throughout their experience.


  • Once an offer has been accepted, the agency may assist your company with employee onboarding. Beyond helping both parties complete the necessary paperwork for employment, the agency will continue to make sure your new hire feels comfortable and excited to join your team.

“In recruiting, there are no good or bad experiences – just learning experiences.” - Bill Gates
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