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Habits That Are Costing You Your Job

Maybe you procrastinate too much, get caught up in gossip, or seem to always be running late. Are you a terrible person because of the habits you have, probably not —but as an employee they can shine a bad light on you, and even cost you your job.

The owner of Talent Zoo was quotes as saying: “One of the best pieces of advice to give to someone who wants to advance in their company is to become more self-aware and be sure they are practicing habits that will be of value to the company,”

Here are the most common bad habits that can risk your growth in your career:

Inefficient worker: So many people think that the more hours they put into work the better it is and the more they will be seen. In reality this is not true. The person that is always there before everyone and tends to stay later seems like they're working hard right? Not particularly, studies have found that worker smarter and getting just as much done in 40-50 hours a week vs 70 hours a week will result in a better outcome because the risk of burnout is so much less. The over worker will find themselves getting things done slowly rather than efficiently because their brain is just not equipped to be over worked. "Work smarter, no harder."

Social Media Addict: Some companies have taken measures to ensure their employees are not distracted at work with social media blocking sites completely from office computers. However, we now we have access to all things web related right in our pocket. It is up to you to use your time wisely. If you say that popping on to social media for a quick moment is not distracting you would be kidding yourself. Any personal use of the internet during working hours can severely impeded on your productivity which will cost you that raise or promotion in the long run. Remember, it's not going anywhere and it can wait!

Negativity: We all complain about something or another at some point in our lives but when it comes to your work being seen as a 'negative nancy' can seriously affect your future growth within the company. You not only waste time focusing on the problems but also risk being the reason everyone is in a bad mood. Working independently and as a team is part of almost all work environments. If nobody is motivated with your around you can be easing pickings to be shown the door.

Poor communication: Poor communication can waste time, lead to mistakes, and cause your co-workers to become frustrated with you. You can't always assume people know what you mean whether it be through email or a group conversation. Manners are important, asking for help when needed, taking constructive criticism with a grateful attitude are all important to ensuring you're viewed as a good employee. Otherwise you can find yourself being caught up in arguments, being misunderstood and ultimately impact your productivity.

Ego: We're all taught that independence is a wonderful thing and while this is very true generally speaking being a team player is often associated with more success at work. Self confidence will help you succeed in your career but staying humble and teachable is essential. When it comes to your growth within a company being 'trainable' is a wonderful attribute all managers want to see. You want to have the support of your co-workers and superiors in order to grow within your career.

We all have little annoying habits that I"m sure with bother some person or another at one point in your life. The key is to stay humble, be aware of your surroundings and try to a team player. It's important to own your mistakes and learn from them. Having good habits will only help you in the long run with your professional and personal growth.

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