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How to Dream Big

What does it mean to dream big. If our current dream is to make enough money to support ourselves, we could dream bigger by imagining living really comfortably or being able to support additional family members too. We all want to have a meaningful life, reach our goals and achieve success. If we currently have no dreams, dreaming bigger might just mean we have a small goal that we want to reach. But even that is not always easy.

If we knew how to dream bigger, we'd already do it, we might think. So how do you start dreaming bigger? Check out the tips below:

Have faith in yourself

The first thing you need in order to dream big and achieve success is to believe that you can. You need to boost your confidence and have faith in yourself. Know your worth. know you are deserving of what is awesome. Take some inspiration by reading other's stories. Know you're not alone in aspiring to something big!

Don't fear "no"

The last thing we want to hear is no. We don't want to fail ourselves and dreaming big means that you will have to learn new things. Try and try again and you will succeed. It's ok to fail, we all will, but learning from that failure is what can push you to try again and even better and harder this time.

Don't fear the unknown

Any path we choose is never clearly laid out. We don't know if at the end we'll even like who we've become or what we see. Be prepared for various outcomes, have an alternate plan and don't be afraid to roll with the punches.

Use your imagination

Rolling with the punches is going to need some creative thinking. Being prepared for anything that might come your way will allow you to pivot when needed and still be happy with the outcome. I've always been a big visualizer. Imagining yourself at the end of your dream. Picturing who you think you are, how you'll be. Tune in to your feeling and picturing this makes you feel. Be mindful of your emotions when visualizing. Is this how you want to be, do you feel satisfied. Using your imagination can help guide you to your true dreams where the end is exactly how you want it to be.

Don't be a sell out

We all have our values. Trying to find the our purpose in life is not an easy task but dreaming big and heading down that road is a way for us to become what we believe we can. Maybe a millionaire isn't' the way you want to lead your life. What if having an abundance of money all to yourself isn't true to who you are. What if the path to this dream is ending up with you hurting others a long the way. Be true to who you are and this will ensure you'll feel completely fulfilled.


This is an obvious, you need goals in order to get anywhere. Take a look at your dream and think of each step to get there. These steps should be goals, achieving one after the other.

Enjoy it!

Once we have a big dream in mind we spend way too much time stressing over each goal and forgetting the real reason why we are able to even dream. The path to get there can be just as amazing and exciting as achieving it. You'll learn so much along the way, about outside factors and about yourself. Don't forget to live your life while on your way to your dream.

Enjoy each part of creating your dream. You're building your life, a life you are in control of so, celebrate each step and success. If our dreams are truly meaningful to us, striving towards them can increase well-being, regardless of whether we achieve the big goal at the end or not.


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