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What do Millennials want in their workplace?

In this blog, I’ll take you through the why's and how's of understanding millennials in the workforce.

Work-life Balance

• The profound focus on work-life balance is probably one of the most significant changes brought in by millennial employees. Work-life balance is the buzzword among millennials, and many of them are successfully balancing their work and life.

Employee Engagement

• With millennials dominating the workforce, employee engagement must become the top priority.

• Millennials are constantly choosing perks and culture over paychecks. While accepting a job offer, they look at the complete job profile and company culture. They have incredibly high expectations from their employee experience. They want to feel connected to the work they do and also to the organization they work for.

Career Growth Opportunities

• Millennials are highly career-oriented, and they are always looking at the bigger picture. With every job experience, they want to learn, grow and evolve. They are terrified of the word stagnant, and they want to have a progressive career trajectory. They are also “job-hoppier” than baby boomers.

Pushing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

• Millennials are the epitome of global citizens. They acknowledge, encourage, recognize and appreciate diversity because they are more socially aware. Social media has brought the whole world closer in ways that were unimaginable by previous generations. Thus, making millennials the most culturally and racially diverse age of all time.

Challenging and Engaging Work

•To keep your millennial employees engaged and invested in their jobs, organizations must create interesting and challenging careers. Millennials are exceptionally good with technology. Learning new computer languages or developing new skills doesn’t seem like an uphill task to them.


• Millennials are collaborative, supportive and they are excellent team players. They perform better when they are in teams. They are also more welcoming to ideas and input coming from different people with diverse outlooks and backgrounds. Likewise, they believe that collaboration brings out the best results.

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