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Our Story

Welcome to CPG Recruitment Inc.

Here we will share the story behind our brand and the journey that led us to becoming one of the best recruitment and staffing agencies in the country. Discover the passion, purpose, and values that drive us every day and the evolution, from the early days of brainstorming and planning to the launch of our recruitment and staffing service. Along the way, we'll share our successes, lessons learned, and provide you with insights into what makes us the best recruitment and staffing agency.

Windsor-Recruitment-Staffing-Agency-CPG-CPG Recruitment Franchise Owner Hiring Jobs Our Story Find Employees

Farhin Afsar

As the Director of Talent Acquisition at CPG Recruitment, Farhin brings to the table over 15 years of diverse HR recruiting experience, wielding this wealth of knowledge to deliver specialized solutions for small businesses spanning a multitude of industries. In 2022, Farhin embarked on the bold journey of launching CPG Recruitment, driven by a visionary mission: to alleviate the hiring burdens experienced by small businesses and allow them to recenter their focus on their core operations. What genuinely ignites Farhin's professional passion is the cultivation of enduring partnerships with clients. Farhin's has a Master of Science in Human Resources from Houston Christian University and an active member of SHRM. Throughout their career journey, they have meticulously honed their expertise in full-life cycle recruiting, talent management, and industry-specific knowledge, rendering them an indispensable asset in the dynamic realm of HR.


Hammad Rahman

Hammad Rahman is the Director of Business Development at CPG Recruitment, leveraging his extensive expertise as a seasoned system architect to revolutionize the talent acquisition landscape. With an illustrious 18-year career in IT infrastructure, project management, and system engineering, His track record speaks volumes, showcasing a remarkable ability to shepherd projects from inception to successful fruition. Hammad's proficiency in designing, constructing, deploying, and maintaining service delivery systems of varying complexities is matched only by his exceptional teamwork skills. He seamlessly collaborates across diverse cross-functional teams while driving independent initiatives, consistently elevating operational efficiency and achieving outstanding outcomes. 

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